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Sometimes a web app just doesn't cut it, you want offline storage and functionality that can only be achieved through a native app. So we can help you develop a native app that can be downloaded and installed from places such as the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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Cotswold Code - App Development

Apple App Store / Google Play Store
Welcome to the world of native apps

The first step in any online product is developing a web application and this is then the basis for any further development such as a native app.

Native apps are applications that are installed directly on to a device through the app store of that manufacturer (Google Play Store / Apple App Store). The user interface (design) is stored on the device and then any data is pulled from online (this can be the same as the web application) to make a seamless and very snappy experience that users of the device are used to.

Once the native apps are developed they have to be submitted to the appropriate app store for that manufacturer and they have to review it and only when they are happy do they become available to download. This includes every time you do an update or re-develop the app.

If you have a developer already and just want a second opinion to help with certain decisions we can be hired for consultations and we'll give you our professional opinion on what you should do.