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Graphics, Logo and Branding

There are many people out there that create logos and branding however without experience there are a lot of pitfalls people fall into. With our experience we can help you create a timeless logo that works across all media.

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Branding isn't just a logo

We offer a full graphic design service, anything from business cards to flyers, to logos and branding.

When it comes to branding there is so much more to it than just a logo. Branding should cover everything from the logo, spacing between that and other elements, colours that should be used, wording, fonts, imagery and even the language that should be used when talking about the brand and so much more.

When talking about logos, you see a lot that are just text. Whilst this is fine for short names (e.g. Dior) and on larger printed materials and signage, when you shrink these down to letterheads, website logos, t-shirts and even social media profile pics, these just don't cut it. If you follow logo design priciples from some of the greats, logos should be timeless, and easily visible/recognisable no matter what size they are at.