Developing Sites that Perform

At Cotswold Code we know that having a beautiful looking website is a must - however more importantly is having a website that performs in the best way possible in order to help you meet your objectives and help you grow.

Its easy to get someone to create you a website, but it takes experience to know what works and how something should be designed and built in order to perform in the best possible way for each customer. For example the layout and functionality of a car showroom website wouldn't work for say that for a weddings events company.

Here at Cotswold Code we have over 18 years experience in creating online digital spaces for companies locally, nationally and internationally (such as Shell PLC), so we know exactly how your website should be designed, developed and released in order to give you the best results, and we provide all of this whilst not breaking the bank.

All of our sites are designed from scratch, we don't just use a list of templates and stick your colours and images in. We sit with you and understand exactly what it is you want to get from your site, and then we carefully craft a plan and develop a beautiful site to make sure that what you get in the end is what works best for you.

For the technically minded of you, the majority of our sites now are built on a Python code base, with Django framework running either a MySQL or Postgres database, this is the same as many popular big sites that you may have heard of such as Instagram, Spotify, YouTube, Drop box and many more. This development allows us to create sites that are well-built, secure, and can be built upon indefinitely to grow with your company.

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