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Website Design & Development

Looking to get a website built? Maybe you've got a website and want it re-designed? No matter what your needs are - we've got you covered with over 15 years experience.

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Whatever you have in mind - we can do it

At Costwold Code we know that having a website that performs in the best way possible is the most important thing. Its easy to get someone to create you a website, but it takes experience to know what works and how something should be designed to perform in the best way for each customer. Here at Cotswold Code we have over 15 years experience in creating online spaces for companies locally ,nationally and internationally so we know exactly how your website should be created.

Our Process

This is the process we take when we are creating a new website for a client, so you know what to expect and how our service differs to those services offered by others.

Cotswold Code - Design Step


We write extensive specifications taking into account all the things each client wants to achieve from their new website. We create mood boards and idea trees and map the whole thing out in as much detail as possible before starting to create it. As with everything preperation is key

The website is designed initially in wireframes to make sure all funcationality has been accounted for, then colour mockups and then final colour designs of multiple pages and devices on which you sign off.

Cotswold Code - Development Step


Working through the specification, along side the designs we develop the site to match what is laid out in these documents. If we decide at this moment that anything should be changed, or if we come across any issues, these are discussed as soon as possible and signed off with the client before continuing.

We build our sites using the latest technology, fully secure, customisable and using the latest CMS technology all of the sites content is updatable by each client.

Cotswold Code - Testing Step


Testing is a vital part of each build, this allows bugs to be picked up in advance of users visiting the site.

Each piece of functionality on the new site is tested vigorously, and testing scripts are put in place to keep checking that to make sure it doesn't break with any future development.

Once the site is live further testing software is installed to make sure that any bugs or issues user find are picked up immediately, reported back to us as company and can then be dealt with in a timely manner.

Cotswold Code - Upload & SEO Step

Upload & SEO

When you are happy with your new site we'll make it live and submit it to the search engines so that it is publically visible. However for most clients the service doesn't end there, there is a lot more to do.

We install Google's analytics software along with their Search Console, and Adwords. We and our clients can then track visitor numbers, visitor behaviour, search terms and have the ability to use Google's pay per click service should they need it, all of this can be used to increase the sites position in search engines.