About Cotswold Code Company

The Cotswold Code Company based in the beautiful town of Cirencester, Gloucestershire, was founded during the global pandemic of 2020. We wanted to take our 17+ years in the web industry and use it to help individuals/businesses work through the pandemic and out the other side. Our main aim was to help people avoid what many other web design & development companies do where they use templates and pre-built sections of code and instead provide products/services that are carefully crafted and tailored for each client, making sure they are as effective as possible for their money.

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Behind the Company

The Cotswold Code Company has over 17 years experience in the industry, so we're here to build quality you can rely on.

Our experience covers creating everything including small websites for individuals, membership websites/systems for charities large multi-national online websites/systems for companies such as Shell PLC, e-commerce and even software as a service for paying customers. Due to this large array of experience there isn't a website or system too big or too small that we won't take on. All of our development is done in house, however we do have a large network of freelance contacts who we can call on should something arise that we haven't seen before.